Based in Singapore, Strangely Familiar is a design and media collaborative that helps brands communicate their ideas with an all-rounded approach through design, photography and story telling.


Creative Direction / Branding

Illustrations / Infographic  

Editorial design / Website design   

Digital / Event Collaterals




Some of the partners we've worked with

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SF_Wix 2_logo_aig.png
CO_CS_Wix_Logos_google assistant.png
SF_Wix 2_sgenable.png
SF_Wix 2_logo_avpn.png
CO_CS_Wix_Logos_grab .png
CO_CS_Wix_Logos_rolls royce.png
SF_Wix 2_logo_st regis.png
SF_Wix 2_logo_w hotel.png
SF_Wix 2_logo_ips.png
SF_Wix 2_logo_lloyds.png
SF_Wix 2_logo_techinaisa.png
SF_Wix 2_logo_youtrip-77.png
SF_Wix 2_Foundry.png

Programmes to

Mentor & Accelerate

EDM, Infographics, Posters

A series of posters and EDMs done for Unilever Foundry's programme outreach.

SF_Wix 2_Everything Floral.png



Branding, Logo Design

A series of conceptual explorations for 'Everything Floral' whilst looking into future adaptations for other 'Everything' brands.

SF_Wix 2_CAAIP-33.png


Innovation Programme

Branding, Digital Collaterals

A concept design and digital collaterals for a pioneering programme in the MedTech scene.

SF_Wix 2_PUB Open Innovation.png


Open Innovation

Branding, Campaign Design

A branding exercise done for the PUB Open Innovation Platform, with a range of logos accompanied by key visual concepts.

SF_Wix 2_STB tourism.png


Mobility Challenge

Branding, Digital Collaterals

Using the key graphic to illustrate the typical journey of STB's tourism challenges.

SF_Wix 2_Rolls-royce infographics.png

Rolls-Royce Blockchain

Innovation Challenge

Branding, Infographics, Website

A spectrum of design collaterals from branding, to designing infographics of datasets for participants.

SF_Wix 2_A&G.png

Alan & Guys Hair Salon

Rebranding Project

Rebranding, Brand Collaterals

A 3 month long rebranding exercise for a chain of hair salons.

SF_Wix 2_sim.png

Marketing Collaterals

for SIM International

Posters, Icons

A series of print advertisements designed for SIM International Academy.

SF_Wix 2_Attractions innovation challeng

Attractions Innovation


Illustration, Campaign Collaterals

An illustration to depict the journey of the challenges presented in STB's new innovation challenge.

SF_Wix 2_Year 2026.png

Year 2026 | Doing Singapore Differently

Editorial, Publication

A 100 page publication designed for Institute of Policy Studies covering their insights on how we can do things differently for the years ahead.

SF_Wix 2_W Hotel.png

Top 10 experiences

in Sentosa by W Hotel


An infographic featuring the top 10 attractions in Sentosa, commissioned by W Hotel

SF_Wix 2_youtrip.png

YouTrip Marketing Collaterals

Brochure, Social Media

A range of digital and print collaterals from digital banners, social media collaterals, brochures, and more.


Doonya Website


Website Design & Building

An information site designed and built for Doonya, includes infographics, iconography and image sourcing.

SF_Wix 2_Caregiver Action Map.png

SG Enable

Caregiver Action Plan

Infographic, Layout, Illustration

An infographic showing three key themes and existing routes to caregiver support.

SF_Wix 2_startupgram.png

Unilever Foundry

The Startup gram


Monthly newsletter designs about the most exciting and newest startups in different tech industries.

SF_Wix 2_Dell.png

Dell Augmented Hackathon

Branding, Digital Collaterals, Website

An experimentation exercise was done alongside with the Head of Innovation at Dell Technologies, resulting in an animated brand campaign.

SF_Wix 2_Singhealth Hackathon.png


Mobility Challenge

Branding, Digital Collaterals, Website

Creating an illustrated key visual that depicts the three key themes in the caregiving journey. 

SF_Wix 2_DAP.png

Digital Asean Program

by GrowAsia

Branding, Infographics, Website

A branding exercise, paired with key visuals that symbolise the agriculture industry, completed with infographics.

SF_Wix 2_One Service.png


Innovation Challenge

Branding, Digital Collaterals, Website

A campaign illustration & set of digital collaterals designed for Ministry of National Development's super app.

SF_Wix 2_Smart living hackathon.png

Smart Living


Campaign branding, News Adverts

Covered the full spectrum of illustrations, microsite creation, digital collaterals, goodie bags, to event day setups.

SF_Wix 2_TechinAsia.png

Social Media Collaterals for TechinAsia

Infographics, Social Media

A series of illustrations and infographics prepared for SMU and TECHINASIA's social media accounts.

SF_Wix 2_Chat bots.png

Unilever Foundry

Rise of the bots

Digital Publication

A series of epubs done for Unilever Foundry focused on tech, covering chatbots, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more.

SF_Wix 2_AIG.png

AIG's Automation to Intelligence


A series of exploratory posters and infographics created for AIG.

SF_Wix 2_St Regis.png

Private Art Collection

At The St Regis

Illustration, Infographics

A series of iterations resulting in an infographic presenting the top featured art collection in the St Regis Hotel.


Siam Kitchen

Concept Proposal

Deck Proposal, Layout

A concept proposal for a Thai restaurant prepared for JTC.

SF_Wix 2_Makeathon.png


Makeathon 2021

Branding, Digital Collaterals, Print

Pushing beyond the brand guidelines, Strangely Familiar helps A*STAR bring an innovative typographic take to its newest Makeathon.

SF_Wix 2_SMC.png


Mobility Challenge

Branding, Digital Collaterals, Website

Putting together a campaign branding for the Singapore Mobility Challenge by LTA, SBS, and SMRT.

SF_Wix 2_Learning innovation challenge.p

Learning Innovation Challenge

Branding, Digital Collaterals

Creating futuristic illustrations and digital collaterals for Civil Service College's new Learning Innovation Challenge.

SF_Wix 2_Grab-70.png



Branding, Digital Collaterals, Website

Covered the full spectrum of creating a mascot, microsite, digital collaterals, goodie bags, promotional and highlight reel to event day setups.

SF_Wix 2_SIM banner.png

Education for the Real World for SIM

Print Advertisements

A series of print ads designed for SIM International Academy.

SF_Wix 2_skills future.png

SkillsFuture Singapore


Branding, Digital Collaterals, Website

A campaign key visual to symbolise the future of learning.

SF_Wix 2_hypha.png

Hypha Branding


Branding, Brand Collaterals, Web

A month long branding exercise for an agriculture startup.

SF_Wix 2_Smart City.png

Smart City Solution Suite for ST Engineering

Slide Deck Proposal

A series of illustrations and infographics to complement a deck proposal.

SF_Wix 2_Canvaseety.png


Branding Exercise


A month long branding exercise designed for Cavanseety, an up and coming hair and makeup atelier.

SF_Wix 2_AVPN.png

AVPN Marketing


Branding, Marketing Collaterals

A series of marketing collaterals designed for AVPN.

photo_2021-05-15 19.08.53.jpeg


Baby Photoshoot

An outdoor maternity shoot at Botanical Gardens, followed by an indoor photoshoot at home.

Coming Soon



Outdoor Photography

A photoshoot at Botanical Gardens post-rain with an excessive amount of leftover flowers.


Taiwan Trio

Travel photography

A series of travel photography taken in Kao Hsiung, Tai Chung, and Taipei.


Upma & Nithin

Maternity Photoshoot

An outdoor maternity shoot at Botanical Gardens, followed by an indoor photoshoot at home.

Coming Soon


In Nature

Makeover Photoshoot

An outdoor photoshoot for Canvaseety's models post-makeover.


Felix & Kurin

Hen's Night, Solemnisation 

A documentation of Kurin's Hen's night out, the day after, and the solemnisation itself.

Coming Soon


Dark Waters

Outdoor, Night Photography

An outdoor photoshoot at Sentosa.